Hot Flashes In Women

Hot flashes in women during menopause? Well, it is a very common scenario, so common that some women have christened it “the change.” A woman who hasn’t gone through menopause will likely not know what to expect. Menopause indicates that a woman’s menstrual cycle has come to an end. However, the symptoms may show up years before the menstruation stops. One of the major symptoms is hot flashes in women.

A hot flash is a sensation of extreme warmth. If there’s any consolation, it is that the feeling isn’t comforting. Many women find it unbearable. While some people may share a laugh or two about hot flashes in women, it is no joke for the women themselves. Hot flashes in women cause insomnia, distraction, and sweating so much that a woman may change her clothes several times per day.

There’s a fall in estrogen level

There’s a lot of controversy concerning the main cause of hot flashes in women during menopause. Many think that it may be due to a decrease in estrogen production, which is common as a woman approaches menopause. A study by the Mayo Clinic shows that low estrogen on its own does not cause flashes in women during menopause. Low estrogen may occur in women of all ages, and they don’t always experience hot flashes. Rather, the decrease in estrogen during menopause is believed to be the cause of hot flashes in women.

For most women, the decrease occurs gradually. Experts are of the view that when estrogen levels fall, the hypothalamus of the brain detects too much heat. Some hypothesize that the brain secretes hormones to reduce body heat. This causes an increase in heart rate and dilation of blood vessels to allow the free flow of blood and dissipation of heat. The increase in the flow of blood causes the body to produce sweat. Thus, the inconvenient, sweaty feeling that is characteristic of hot flashes in women during menopause is caused by this series of events.

This sensation may feel normal during the summer, but it becomes somewhat scary when it happens at inconvenient times.

What causes hot flashes in women during menopause?

Not every woman experiences hot flashes. Those who experience it do so in varying degrees. Hot flashes in women can be said to be a teensy weensy inconvenience during menopause. However, in some women, it may be so severe that it disrupts everyday life. Women who experience hot flashes can reduce the symptoms by leading a healthy lifestyle. Avoid those activities that may aggravate your symptoms, such as:

Some factors that play a role in the onset of hot flashes may be out of your control. Ethnicity and genetics may play a role. Texas doctors have found that the frequency and intensity of hot flashes in African-American women may be more than Caucasian women. The frequency is also higher in Latina women, although less intense, compared to Caucasian women.

Hot flashes in women during menopause may result in complications that can disrupt a women’s life. Some women have “night sweats”, thus experiencing insomnia. The inability to sleep at night can cause one to have a dull day. Please consult your healthcare provider if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Loss of memory
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating

How to reduce hot flashes in women during menopause

While most causes of hot flashes may be beyond the woman’s control, some triggers can aggravate them. Common triggers of hot flashes in women include:

These activities may not cause hot flashes on their own, but they may contribute to it in combination with low estrogen levels.

Women who experience hot flashes during menopause may feel like there is no relief. But if you have a good knowledge of the causes, you can take steps that will help relieve the symptoms. Pay attention to factors that worsen your symptoms. Knowing about these triggers will help you find a healthy and natural relief.

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