What You Should Know About the Hormone Diet

The hormone diet focuses on hormone fluctuations which is believed to affect a person’s weight negatively.

How Does Caffeine Enhance Exercise Performance?

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What You Should Know About The Shangri-La Diet

The Shangri-La diet promises to free the dieter from cravings and hunger by teaching your body to desire less food.

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How To Cope With Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine is responsible for tobacco addiction. A person may experience withdrawal symptoms when he or she stops smoking. Learn more about these symptoms.

5 Causes of Adult Acne & How To Treat It

Adult acne is often characterized by deep, painful cysts and tends to affect the cheeks and lower half of the face.

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The Ripple Effect: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Dealing...

Let’s talk cellulite – yep, that dimpled, orange peel-textured skin that shows up on your thighs, backside, abdomen, and arms.

Proven Ways To Fix Your Weight Hormones

Can you fix those hormones that control your weight? Well, science says “yes.” In this article, we discuss some proven ways to fix those hormones that control your weight.

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Bone broth has been trending for quite some time now. In this article, we will examine its health benefits in detail.

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Sleep is when your whole body does housekeeping to clean up and repair cells—and that includes your skin.

5 Important Anti-inflammatory Supplements

This article highlights five recommended supplements with anti-inflammatory functions.

Warning Signs for Kidney Disease

According to the Kidney Foundation, at least 26 million American adults are affected by chronic kidney disease.

Is Grass-Fed Butter Good For Your Health?

Image by rodeopix 1920-1930 was the year in which the first heart disease epidemic broke...

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Digestive Health

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11 Ways You Can Beat Cravings for Sugar and Unhealthy Foods

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