Hydrolyzed Collagen: Is it a Miracle Cure?

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Is it a Miracle Cure?

Hydrolyzed collagen is present in many products. More so, there are many supplements in the medicine stores and supermarkets. But the question is, what is its main function in the body? Of what benefit is hydrolyzed collagen to the human body? Is it a miracle cure as claimed?

You see, we all have some amount of collagen in our bodies. Every mammal does. The collagen is what makes up the connective tissue, like the tendons, skin, cartilage, bones, and organs.

After it is hydrolyzed, collagen is broken down into smaller particles that can easily be processed. These small particles are used in the production of substances that can heal the skin, joint pains, etc.

Let’s examine a few claims about the hydrogen collagen miracle cure.

It can ease joint pain

Joint cartilage contains collagen. The pains that we feel in our joints are mostly caused by the loss of collagen. So, it is thought that collagen can help to ease joint pain.

Research has shown that collagen hydrolysate or hydrolyzed collagen strengthens the joints and eases pain caused by osteoarthritis and other similar conditions.

It is not fully understood whether simply increasing your intake of collagen-rich food would have similar effects.

Hydrolyzed collagen can treat osteoporosis

Research is still ongoing but studies conducted so far have suggested that hydrolyzed collagen may be involved in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

A study involving postmenopausal women discovered that daily treatment with five grams of collagen per day for one year increased the mineral density in the bones of the subjects and improved markers indicating an increase in bone formation as well as reduced bone degeneration.

There’s the need for further studies to determine if other sources of collagen in other forms would be of help.

Hydrolyzed collagen fixes wrinkles

Our skin is made up of collagen proteins, so it makes sense that the skin can be healed by collagen supplements.

Some studies have shown that intake of collagen supplements may be beneficial to the skin through the reduction of some markers of aging.

A particular study involving 64 subjects discovered that 12-week treatment with one gram of collagen peptide caused a significant reduction in wrinkling, and improved skin elasticity and hydration compared to a placebo group.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the smoothening of wrinkles and acne scars with collagen implants.

There are claims that collagen can also be used in skin lotions to improve skin structure. However, there are no studies to back up this claim.

Your safety is important

The FDA has recalled a lot of hydrogen collagen products due to false claims made by their manufacturers. According to a 2014 report by the FDA, sometimes, labels promise to make fixes that require expert medical attention.

As with any cosmetics or supplements, you should read claims with care. While drugs cannot be sold unless they are approved by the FDA, the same cannot be said for cosmetics.

You should be suspicious of products that claim instant, magic, or a miracle cure.

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