How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Best Night’s Sleep

How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Best Night’s Sleep

Tired of waking up feeling sore all over? Noticing signs of inefficiency at work? These are all telltale signs that your mattress might have lost most of its integrity over the year and is in need of replacement. Not all mattresses are made equal and they are definitely not a one-size-fit-all kind of product.

Side sleepers may prefer a medium soft to firm type of mattress and back sleepers would most likely opt for a memory foam option. Decision making is somewhat subjective and can be hard for novice shoppers.

So, to make this less of an intimidating task, the following guide contains general mattress shopping guidelines that you can take into consideration.

Mattress types

Bedding companies are constantly pushing out products that satisfy all sorts of customers no matter their body type and the kind of lifestyle they lead. Therefore, knowing which type would suit you the most is winning half of the battle.

Memory foam mattresses have been advertised to be a modern solution to an age-old problem of back pain. The main selling point of this product is that it reacts to the heat that emanates from different pressure points throughout the body and softens itself up for the molding process to take place. During which, it will proceed to strategically contour itself to fit any lying position and body shapes.

Want it to be even better? Down pillows are also capable of reshaping itself to provide adequate support between the sleeper’s neck and shoulder. They can also be hypoallergenic through the use of an allergens-reducing material called “hypodown”. Most retailers should have them on shelves in most time of the year so you won’t have much trouble

This would later help build its image up to be a remedy for joint and back pain which is very prevalent in today’s society. Finally, to dispel the myth that they are expensive and inaccessible for most, just try searching for one online and you’ll see that the pricings are very competitive. And there is an abundance of affordable options that would most likely last you an extra 3 to 5 years of use compared to a typical mattress.

Spring type mattresses offer a more interesting sleeping experience for couples. The hard coils at the bottom layer together with a soft and fluffy material above are responsible for that signature bounciness that everyone loves.

Springs or coils utilized in sleeping cushions are categorized in four unique sorts which decide integrity and backing: constant coils, Bonnell coils, balanced coils and marshall coils. These are likewise estimated by the gauge of the coil. The thickness of the spring is determined by the amount of coil present within the mattress. If you prefer a high responsive level, 14 to 15-gauge coils will do the job as it is the range of which pressure is the most receptive. If you need a sturdier surface to rest on then settle for a 12-gauge coil one since it leans forward the firm side of the spectrum.

Worried that you might disturb your partner with your rolling at night? Modern spring type mattresses have separate pocket coil.

Hybrids are exactly what the name suggests, innerspring coils utilized in tandem with memory foam, latex or even those pillow-top cushioning. There’s nothing quite rejuvenating like sinking your body into memory foam after a pillow fight or jumping up and down while jamming to your favorite song.

When you have experienced all the other types of mattresses that the market has to offer and still are not satisfied then try giving them a try again, in one package!

How do you sleep?

Despite what you have read, memory foam is not the be all end all solution that will magically make your back pain go away. Just like finding the right job, it takes lots of trials and errors to find the right one for you.

On one side

Side sleeping has been proven to yield an equal if not more health benefits compared to back sleeping. It helps aid digestion, improve brain health and prevents dangerous sleep disorders such as sleep apnea from manifesting.

Given that this position puts pressure on your shoulder and hip, memory foam, latex and hybrids are all highly recommended for their contouring feature. Although some have claimed that a firmer option like a traditional innerspring coil helps them sleep better.

On your back

A supportive mattress additionally holds your lower back from falling, which could take into consideration more oxygen admission while dozing. … Supportive mattresses are commonly better for the individuals who rest on their back, on the grounds that they give a steadier and even surface. Stomach sleepers will in general toll better on a firmer mattress, as well.

On your stomach

According to a survey conducted on National Sleep Day, 16% of Americans choose to sleep on their stomachs, elaborating that it invokes a nostalgic feeling similar to when they were a baby and it just overall makes them sleep better.

Specialists suggest solid mattresses for stomach sleepers. In the event that this is your favored rest position, search for a strong spring mattress or firm latex mattress.

This article was written by Harry Gordon

Communications Manager

Sleep Standards

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