Does kissing burn calories? I can say without a doubt that this is a very steamy question. Kissing is a physical activity – this is a fact. It increases your heart rate, stimulates the release of hormones, and also burns calories. Kissing is also an emotional act. It is a way of showing affection and love for our partners.

While you may burn off 2 calories every minute by just kissing causally on your couch, adding extra physical activity to it can increase your calorie burn.

One can always up to his or her kissing game and make it more exciting by introducing a few different activities to it.

No research has specifically stated how many calories you can burn through kissing. The figures you’ll see in this article are just estimates based on other additional activities. This guide will enlighten you about how many calories you may burn when you engage in exciting and creative kissing sessions.

Does kissing burn calories
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Calculating calories

The number of calories you can burn per session of physical activity depends on several factors. These include:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • How intense the activity is
  • Sex

If you engage in a vigorous or high-intensity exercise, you will burn many calories in less time. Generally, the higher your weight, the more calories you can burn. And as you get older, you burn fewer calories.

The examples outlined below is based on an individual with a bodyweight of 150-160 pounds and burning an average of 2 calories per 120 seconds of kissing.


Now let us get straight to answering the question “does kissing burn calories?” Giving your partner some casual kisses goes a long way to creating a strong bond between you both. But that’s not all, you can also burn some calories by kissing.

Studies have shown that a minute of simple kissing can help you to shed off 2-3 calories. A minute of passionate kissing can help you put off 5-26 calories per minute.

Make out session

Because making out is more intense and active than the regular smooches, you can burn more calories.

For instance, if you can burn 2-3 calories per minute of smooch, then you can burn off a large number of calories when you make out with your partner.

Making use of your hands

Does kissing burn calories when you use your hands? Well, we know that kissing is an intense emotional act. As the feeling grows, the act turns into some kind of exploratory activity that involves running your hands through your partner’s body. Using your hands can make the activity more intense and thus increase your calorie burn.

Because making out and using your hands involves movement in your upper body, calorie burn will be similar to stretching.

You can burn 150 calories per 30 minutes or almost five calories per minute.

Doing the romantic dance

Does kissing burn calories when you do a romantic dance? Sure it does. When you move from a lying to a standing position, your calorie burn automatically increases.

So, if you want to up your calorie burn, just get hold of your partner and do some romantic dance together with neck nibbling, kissing, and caressing.

You can burn up to 205 calories per 30 minutes of romantic dancing – this is equal to 6 calories per minute.

Oral sex

Oral sex might not seem as active as using your hands or doing the romantic dance, but it is much better than staring at your TV because you will burn more calories.

Because oral sex engages the upper part of the body (your neck up), the play pace may be similar to slow dance. You’ll get rid of 112 calories in half an hour, or 3-4 calories per 60 seconds.


This activity may rightly be classified as two-way traffic. It could be fast and furious, or slow and sensual. The rate of calorie burn through masturbation may be similar to getting a massage.

You can burn off 150 calories in half an hour, or up to 5 calories per minute.

Engaging in sex

The question “does kissing burn calories” cannot be completely answered without speaking of sex. Yeah! That’s right! If you are fed up with running up and down the treadmill for your cardio, then you are lucky.

A 2013 study shows that men can burn up to 100 calories while kissing or having sex, while women can burn up to 69 calories per 25-minute session.


Kissing is a healthy act. This is a fact!

Kissing stimulates the release of brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin that triggers your pleasure centers and gives you that euphoric feeling. Kissing also reduces the amount of cortisol in your blood. Cortisol is the stress hormone.

Oxytocin bonds you to your partner, and this plays a very important role in maintaining relationships.

Kissing decreases anxiety and stress. It causes the expansion of your blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure and keeps your heart in health.

Also, kissing helps you to know whether you are romantically or sexually compatible with someone.

You can activate up your kissing game with the following tips:

  • Use kissing as a reward to encourage your partner to work out.
  • You and your partner can kiss more during sex to turn up the passion and the energy that you exert.
  • You create endless possibilities when you incorporate kissing into any activity that both you and your partner enjoy.
  • Discover your creativity, explore it, and remember that kissing is very important and should be made a priority.

In conclusion…

We’ve been able to find answers to the question “does kissing burn calories?” From the facts outlined above, kissing is a fun activity, it is amazing, and as a plus, can help you burn calories.

While kissing may not replace your workout session, it doesn’t hurt to put in a little action when you are heavy and hot. Also, it spices things up and makes those planks and pushups more exciting.

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