Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Agitated? The ABCs of Agitation

What does it mean to be agitated? You will be diagnosed with agitation if you feel agitated, aggravated,...

Abdominal Pain

What is an abdominal pain? Abdominal pain is what you usually call stomach ache. It occurs between regions of the chest and pelvis and it...


The skin of everyone has very small holes which can get ‘choked up’ with dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. These holes are...

Abdominal Tenderness

What is abdominal tenderness? Abdominal tenderness, which can also be called, abdominal point tenderness occurs whenever pressure on a particular part of your abdomen causes...

Abdominal Mass

What is an abdominal mass? An abdominal mass is an abnormal abdominal growth accompanied by an obvious protrusion that can alter the shape of the...

What causes excessive yawning: The Health Encyclopedia

About yawning Yawning is the act of involuntarily opening the mouth, accompanied with a deep breath that makes air to fill the lungs. Yawns can be...

Abdominal bloating

An introduction to abdominal bloating Before I go ahead to submit some of the common causes of abdominal bloating, I believe you should know what...




Accidental soap poisoning

Soap Poisoning

Vaginal ring

Vaginal Ring

Birth Control Sponge

Birth Control Sponge