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How to Stick to A Healthy Diet: Evidence-Based Methods

So many people do not know how to stick to a healthy diet, and that’s why many never achieve their dieting goals. A healthy...

Healthy Foods That Have A Long Shelf Life

INTRODUCING FOODS THAT HAVE A LONG SHELF LIFE Whole, natural foods are good for the health. They are rich in macro...

Halo Top Ice Cream: Is it a healthy snack?

The name Halo Top Ice Cream should ring a bell. Or doesn’t it?  Well, Halo Top Ice Cream is a very good...

Healthy Granola Bars? An Evidence-Based Research

Are there actually healthy granola bars in existence? A lot of folks are in love with granola bars. This snack has been around for...

For How Long Can I Store Chicken in the Fridge?

It is common to store chicken in the fridge. Yes! Most people do it, afterall, it is an animal product and needs...

Gluten Detox: Simple tips to help you maintain a gluten-free diet

Introducing gluten detox Gluten is a protein that is present in non-protein foods. Yes! Some carbohydrate foods do contain...

Nutritional Facts & Health Effects of Beef: A Beginner’s Guide

INTRODUCING THE NUTRITIONAL FACTS AND HEALTH EFFECTS OF BEEF In this article, we examine the nutritional facts and health effects...

Does Coffee Have Any Effect on Weight Loss?

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy with regards to coffee and its effect on weight loss. The effect of coffee...

Grits and Their Health Benefits

Grits are well-known in the Americas, especially the Southern United States. They are widely consumed in this region.

Reduce your Bloated Abdomen with these Herbal Teas

A bloated abdomen is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it is a very common occurrence. A bloated abdomen is characterized by feelings...

Can Popcorn be Eaten as Part of a Keto Diet?

Everyone knows about popcorn. Certainly, it is not a new snack. But in case you don’t know, popcorn is a snack produced from corn...


Acanthosis nigricans

Acanthosis Nigricans

Amphetaine dependence

Amphetamine Dependence

Anal fissure

Anal Fissure

Aortic valve stenosis

Aortic Valve Stenosis